L+T Lengermann und Trieschmann
Siddik Erdogan
100 m²


about the project

The Green Bistro Interior Design at Lengermann & Trieschmann Dept. Store, Osnabrück, Germany is the result of an international design cooperation between Jörn Fröhlich (theatre and retail design, Berlin- Germany) and Siddik Erdogan (interior designer, Berlin- Germany).

The basic concept evolves around the lifestyle of health and sustainability promoting healthy green food items to the customers. The choice of material reflects that idea. As design inspirations the team chose organic shapes derived from nature itself avoiding any kind of rectangular forms or sharp edges. The materials consist of naturally enhanced plywood combined with white lacquered surfaces. All functional parts such as food displays, tray shelves, benches and tables have been merged into overall organically shaped objects that have been designed, planned and manufactured individually.

In order to add a sophisticated touch to the organic design idea white pantone chairs and white tulip tables have been installed. To complete the team´s conceptual vision a ceiling centerpiece covering all 100m2 of the bistro area has been created. As a complex wavy structured object it has been uniquely developped and installed without opening up the existing suspended ceiling. The manufacturing process of that object was a delicate and challenging procedure and the result is worth seeing when visiting Osnabrück in Germany.