One of a Kind, Restaurant Design, 2012

Taste It! Innovative Restaurant Design, 2012

Restaurant Design, Natural Color, 2011

Theme Dining Space, 2011

BySpace International Press, Catering Place, 2011


Mini Studio Magazine, February 2012

Deco & Home Accents, Decoration World, December 2012

H.O.M.E, Out of Home Special, August 2012

Inter─▒or Public Space, Design Express, December 2011

AMC, September 2011

BOB (Best of Best) Magazine, September 2011

Modern Decoration Magazine, Special Space, September 2011

Design Express, Interior Public Space, October 2011

Mini Studio Magazine, November 2011

Beyond, Architecture-Art-Culture, 2011

Drevo & Stavby (Wood and Structures), September 2011

Interior Design China, October 2011

Yacht Turkiye, November 2008


Opera House, Architectural Design Competition, Mention Prize, 2010
(with T. Tozkoparan, E. Ulas, U. Ersoy, D. Savaskan)

2. National Furniture Design Competition, Special Prize, 2009
(with C. Ultav, S. Yanc Demirkan)

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