Culture and Values


Aware of the importance of what we do; not designing disposable objects, we are creating the reflection of personalities, ideologies, and dreams of people for rest of their life.


Believing it's all in details we create high level design and construction details, and we see a building as a whole picture but do not draw it with lines, create it with dots.

Unique & Clean Design

New solutions for each problem; never use the same design solution for the second time, always looking for new and unique ideas for our clients, which makes them feel special.


We aim to develop an inventory of new design ideas out of the standards wiht a recognizable style that can be used for the needs of each unique client.

Client Participation

Collaboration with client during the process; to have a successful and satisfactory design we believe that the participation of the client to the work process with his/her wishes, ideas and expression of dreams and most importantly way of life is essential.


Designing and creating what others are dreaming for by introducing new perspectives to sustainable, eco-friendly design.

Our Clients

We’re fortunate to have worked with some great brands.

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