TEAM: Siddik Erdogan, Hale Balcioglu

CLIENT: Tevfik & Pelin Balcioglu

SIZE: 260 m²

YEAR: 2009

LOCATION: Izmir, Turkey


Design Description

The residence is a permanent home for a couple living in Izmir, in west of Turkey. Being a two-store private-owned building, the residence is one of the houses with the same
architectural design in a residential site. Unlike the exterior design, the residence has a unique, modern interior design such as the interior design of the kitchen.

The overall design idea is based on creating a functional, user friendly contemporary interior space. The chosen materials such as lacquered MDF, ceramics, chrome, natural
stone and massive wood on the floors create a harmonic and contemporary look, which is completed by a unique highlighter lighting design.

Located quite close to the front entrance of the house, the kitchen is accessible both visually and physically from the whole house. As oppose to having thick borders and
isolated from the rest of the house, the kitchen has a direct access from the main living area and with a kitchen island in the center, it enables social interaction between users
both in the kitchen and living area.

In addition to the opening to the living area that lets indirect light from the rest of the house, two large openings to outer space let direct natural daylight enlighten the interior
space. This natural atmosphere is kind of completed with a wall surface design by using natural stones to create a texture on the wall. This natural texture effect can be seen in the first entrance to the kitchen area and acts as a welcoming design element.

The whole kitchen area (60 m2) is separated into three functional areas: the wet-, cooking and dining area. Cooking area is dividing the wet- and dining area and is therefore
accessible from both sides. The division continues also on the ceiling where a floating panel with indirect lighting has been installed. Avoiding connecting this panel to the interior walls, the designers aim to refer to a visual axis among kitchen and living area passing through the entrance hall. That also refers to the social interactivity achieved between to areas. Same lighting is to be found on the kitchen island and completes the fresh atmosphere. White Panton chairs complete the fresh and modern look in the space. For the rest of the design the colors are reduced to the dark brown which comes from the material as wenge wood and white of the lacquered wood surfaces and gypsum boards on the ceiling.

The wet area has cubically shaped drawers and cupboards that are also found the in dining area. In addition to the spacy and contemporary sink a window allows natural daylight to illuminate the functional area up to the kitchen island. Living room, located on the left side of the entrance hall, with its warm colored massive wood parquets, white walls and high, angled ceiling has a functional, modern and comfortable design at all. Transparent glass wall opening to the terrace lets the daylight fill the living room and provides visual and physical access to the garden with a nice panorama of the neighborhood and Aegean Sea. The light spiral staircase on the left leads one up to the mezzanine with the whole wall as a library. In addition to hosting to the library the mezzanine provides a top view to the whole living room with dark brown furnitures, two white sofas located in front of the fireplace and TV as an entertainment unit. A dark brown antique unit on the right adds a valuable touch to the contemporary design.

As opposite to the second floor with large social spaces such as kitchen and living room, ground floor mostly consists of an office and two bedrooms. All of the rooms have access to the garden by the sliding glass doors.